3 Reasons Why You NEED To Hire a Private Investigator For Divorce
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By Michael, Guest Author - March 07, 2017

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Even seemingly fairy tale marriage can come to an end. While it may sound like an outrageous idea to hire a private investigator when leaving your marriage, it can save you from a heartbreaking custody battle and money problems later on.

We perfectly understand if you feel that hiring a private eye to settle things when you’re having a divorce is slightly invasive; but if the choice is between having professionals do the fact checking for you versus you sneaking on your own, the practical and smart approach would be to hire a private investigator.

If you’re not yet convinced that using outside help may result in a better divorce for you, then read the following reasons to be enlightened.  

Private investigators can prove infidelity.

It is said that a spouse will always know when a partner is cheating, but just having that ‘feeling’ won’t help in divorce proceedings. If you need solid proof, you have to know where to dig, what information is relevant, and what information is admissible in court.

If proving infidelity is not something you’re really interested in, just having real proof of it can still help you when it comes to paying or collecting spousal support, not to mention getting custody of the kids if any.

Just note that private investigators can’t tap into a phone or do anything that breaks the law. With that said, professional private investigators know what to do to access deleted internet communications and the like from a family computer. That’s access to information that’s perfectly legal.

Private investigators can help you find hidden assets.

It’s no secret that hiding money and properties from spouses is becoming more prevalent these days. As an average person, you do not have access to select records and databases that private investigators may have access to, including how to check for hidden or off-shore bank accounts.

They can help you win a custody battle.

No one wants a drawn-out custody battle. Hiring outside help can help you get crucial information such as a surveillance footage of your spouse being less-than-careful with driving with your kids and so on.

They can make divorce easier.

Hiring one need not stress you out. Just follow the 4 guidelines below and you’ll be in touch with a professional PI in no time!

1. Make sure that you check for certification and identification. ‘Investigating’ your PI involves checking out reviews and write-ups about their services. Remember that you’ll be possibly held liable for any illegal acts a hired private detective may perform so be sure to hire professionals!

2. Check for adequate liability insurance. You could be held liable if the person your hire breaks something on someone else’s property while on your job. You can avoid problems by making sure that someone you hire has adequate insurance coverage.

3. Have a detailed contract. Specify what services you’ll be paying for to protect yourself from liability down the road.

4. Double check for references or hire a private eye recommended by people you know or have a long track record of consistently reputable service. Check for adequate liability insurance. You could be held liable if your private investigator breaks something on someone else’s property while on your job. You can avoid problems by making sure that someone you hire has adequate insurance coverage.

Keep in mind that any information obtained by a private eye will only be in your favor if they were obtained legally. Professional private investigators will explain what is covered by their private investigation services as well as let you know whether they can provide what you need prior to hiring them. 

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