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Andra Brosh, Ph.D.
Guest Author

Dr. Andra Brosh is a renowned Psychologist, Divorce Expert, and Ecotherapist. She has been through hell and back surviving both breast cancer and divorce before the age of 45, and while both practically killed her, she came out the other side with a fresh and pragmatic perspective on the realities of life and the human condition. Dr. Brosh uniquely blends her personal experience with her education in Psychology to offer her clients the pragmatic and accessible support they need to at any phase of life. She works both virtually and in person with clients, and Dr. Brosh also facilitates Ever-Aftershock® Workshops designed to support and guide divorcing individuals from the beginning of the end to beginning again. Email or phone her at 213-278-0553 for a free 15-minute consultation to learn how she can help you find the path of healing that’s right for you. Visit her website  for more information.

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