Starting Over By Saying Good-Bye and Pieces of Today

Starting over is rough.  I am in limbo between missing what was and figuring out how to start new again. How do I gain clarity in a dark tunnel?

Three Ways I Began My Life as a Divorced Mom

There is no road map for divorce, no dictionary on how to proceed with a new life.  So, I began to create my own map on how to live.

The End of My Marriage: Divorce Begins Today

This is the story of the day I found the strength to put my marriage out of its misery and find myself again.  I saved my soul.

A Dose of Reality and The Slap in the Face I Needed

Have you ever had a conversation change your life?  One day, one moment, and one talk shocked me into divorce. 

Couples Counseling for the Narcissist and the Weak

The beginning of the end occurred as Husband and I walked in couples counseling.  He talked and I listened, and reality began to set in.

Tequila Confessions with Husband

All I wanted was to be alone but one after another, Husbands' family joined me outside.  The tequila poured and it spilled out...

Happy Non-Anniversary Husband: Us Unraveling

How do you celebrate the anniversary of a marriage that is failing?  What would you say in a letter to your husband?

The Black Hole: Can I Just Disappear Forever?

I wanted to get out of the Expedition and run and hide. I wanted to find a cave or dark hole and crawl in it and never return.  I wanted to die.

Diamonds and Chinese Food Mid Divorce and A Day of Normalcy

There are hard days in divorce and then there are days that come from the twilight zone.  My thirty-second birthday was one of those days.

Attempting the Impossible: Staying Together After Infidelity

Can I do the impossible and forgive Husband to keep the family together?  Can home construction and visits to the counselor "fix us?" 

The New Normal Post-Affair: Crying, Yelling, and Sex

My life has always been relatively calm and stress free.  I make smart decisions and my friends usually do too, except Ex-Husband it turns out.  

Packing Up to Ship Out: The Day Husband Left Our Home

Tears streamed down his face. "What if I just stay downstairs and see if we can work this out? I could sleep on the couch." I turned and replied....

Splitting: Sitting in the Bank With Husband in Tears

Breaking up my family started with Husband's affair, continued with a pregnancy, and now landed me at the bank where emotions exploded again. 

Losing a Baby Mid-Divorce: A Letter to My Child in Heaven

Three days into my divorce, I heard my baby's heartbeat and hours later I was in surgery. It was ectopic.  This is my letter to my unborn baby.