A New Chapter...

This is a new chapter I am not ready to start, but this is the only way I can start to heal.

10 Common Signs Of Parental Alienation

Personality disorders and parental alienation go hand-in-hand. In this article you'll find 10 signs of alienation and how personality disorders play a role. 

My Valentine

With an open mind, you just might meet the love of your life in the least likely place.

Combating Behaviors Of Entitled Teens Of Divorce

Lately my home feels like a war zone. If one teen isn't throwing a fit, the other is.  I need a strong drink and a long vacation.

Turning A Warrior Mom

Numb. This is the only word to describe what I have felt since Friday morning after waking to a post that no parent would wish on their worst enemy.

Divorce and Kids...The Most Important Thing I Have Learned

I would like to say I am a pro at this divorce stuff, but still feel like I fall flat on my face much of the time. There is one thing I do know.

Narcissistic Ex? Summer Is Always Far From Boring

Narcissistic exes seem to always pick summer as a time to create chaos. This summer has been no exception and we still have a month to go. Can I be done yet?

5 Ways To Be Supportive Of Your Ex’s New Family, For the Kids’ Sake

The kids don’t deserve to be in the middle of more conflict, so accepting that their new family is out of my control makes our lives less stressful.

Boundaries And The Bully: A Narcissist

The number one lesson I have learned is I cannot control my crazy-making ex into acting like a human being. But, I can control how I react.

Mother’s Day…Eh

In a nut shell, here is my Mother’s Day. I hope everyone had a great day, For me, it was just EH and now it is over.

Pro-Se Litigation vs. A Narcissist: Is There Any Chance of Winning?

Going to court is scary. If your ex has personality characteristics of a sociopath or narcissist, like mine, you most likely find yourself in court a lot.

How Do You Spell Divorce Relief? S-U-P-P-O-R-T

No matter if your divorce was amicable to the end or left your life in ruins financially and emotionally, at some point every divorced mom feels alone.

Today Is Brought To You By The Letter E: For Exhausted

I have had writer’s block on top of Ted being on a looooooong new rage aimed at me, on top of some crazy work weeks and I am just exhausted. Stressed and exhausted.

Parenting While Dealing With A High Conflict Ex...Tips From The Warzone

Whether currently divorcing or long divorced, with most couples who share children, conflict arises. Believing in the positive, forgiving myself, and learning acceptance have completely changed how I parent.