8 Inspirational Quotes For Couples Experiencing Tough Times

No one ever said marriage would be easy. I wish I had read these quotes while my ex and I were still fighting!

I Still Can

I made a plan to achieve my perfect career and I was well on my way. Who knew getting married would derail my career dreams?


The Narcissist: My 11 Step Survival Field Guide!

In the beginning, I was wined and dined. He planned special outings that were fun & he was fun to be with. Little did I know he was a narcissist!



Were You Hit By The Hurricane Homewrecker?

Like a hurricane that comes out of nowhere without any warning, suddenly your family is changed forever. 


Summer is Here! Solo Travel Tips for Divorced Moms

Feeling the need to escape? I know I am! Whether you are planning a real trip or just dreaming, I wanted to share what I've discovered!


Dating After Divorce? 6 Easy Steps To Get You On Your Way!

Dating after divorce isn't really all that different from dating before, we're just little older and have a lot more baggage!

Left For a Younger Woman? 7 Things I

Maybe it's due to growing up in the era of free love or the fear of growing old. A commitment is a commitment!

My Rocky Road To Recovery Checklist!

Life's road comes into view as we travel, sometimes smooth and sometimes rocky, divorce makes it really rocky!