13 Years After Divorce, My Blood Still Boils

Even years after divorce, especially high conflict divorce, certain subjects can still trigger bad feelings.

The Who, What, When, Where, and How of Talking About Divorce

Talking about our divorces may come naturally. But knowing to whom, as well as how, when, and where is very important.

You Love Him, But Your Kids Don

When you meet a special someone (at last), and your kids don't like him. 

Single Mom in Summertime? All Bets Are Off!

Kids, jobs, social life. The summertime shuffle!

Unhappily Married, Unhappily Divorced, Happily Ever After

Thoughts on marital status and happiness. 

What to Do When a Friend Is Divorcing

When a friend is divorcing, what to do is simple. Be there. Listen. No judgment, no assumptions, no diminishing her confusion.

When Divorce Still Hurts, Even Years Later

For some of us, the reminders of our divorce - and our former marriages - leave traces of sorrow that never disappears.

Move Over Sylvia Plath... Mad Mom

National Poetry Month + FAFSA = Money Madness!

What You Want vs. What You Can Have

Knowing what you want and knowing what is possible require perspective, pragmatism and balance. Especially for single parents.

How the Divorce Industry Failed Me

Too often we feel like a failure after divorce. Maybe the real culprit is the divorce industry, and the ruptured lives it leaves in its wake.

Deja Vu or Boo Hoo Hoo?

When you flash back to an old life, it's a bit of deja vu that just may bring out the boo-hoo-hoo. And then what?

Is This the Marriage I Never Had?

Spending time together - good, bad, indifferent - is this what marriage is about? Or is "quality" time sufficient?

Relationship Cycles: Ready for Spring

All relationships go through transitions, cycling through good times and tough times. Winter can be rough. I'm ready for spring.

Still Weird After All These Years

When the ex gets the friends and you want to see them, what do you do? Why are some things so weird -- even after years?