AshleyMadison: So Innocent, So Screwed

C'mere Noel and Amanda Biderman, there, there, it's okay.  It really sucks being betrayed, doesn't it?  And what about all your loyal cheaters?

That Thing You

One choice, made while his world was in flames, saved his life, healed his heart and changed him forever. A tale of courage and how Marty met my Mom.  

The Simple Way to Embrace Uncertainty? Stop Labeling It BAD.

I would cry if there was no more uncertainty in my life. Embrace uncertainty and LET GO of the outcome, you fabulous magic maker.

A Mother

I give this gift to The Dudes. The secret to magical parenting?  Less is more. We are all on individual journeys here, even children.

The Sweet Magic of Surrender Turns the Tides

I can expend my energy on trying to change what is, but while doing that what IS is no more, and I'm left playing catch up to life. Instead, I surrender.

When Esther Perel Talks About Infidelity I Get Vertigo.

Ms. Perel, life isn't complicated until we choose to complicate it. And infidelity will continue if we keep making excuses for it. Please, stop.

A Cycle Has Ended with A Bang, An Eclipse and An Infestation

The Universe has unleashed an astronomical amount of magical renewal energy upon us with the new moon, a solar eclipse and the equinox. Ready for it?

Forget Who You Were and Be Who You Are

All the self-actualization in the world won't help me evolve if I don't forget who I once was.

A Manifesto for the Recently Betrayed - It

Eight Morself of Wisdom that helped transform me from an emotional wreck and self-sabatoging fear-monger into a vulnerable, content, and lovable woman.

Dear Adulterer: 9 Truths About You and Your Infidelity

You can't argue with these truths about what happens when you choose to have an affair and not a conversation.  Well, you can. Happy to debate.

Who Knew Anger Could Be So Gorgeous?

It's perfectly fine, and freaking necessary, to be angry.  Just be sure to not let it go to waste.  Consider it raw materials for solid boundaries.

How to LOVE after Moving, Infidelity, Divorce, Death and Menopause

If I can do it in three and a half years you can do it in one.  Let's get this transformational party started with a FREE Valentine's Day call!


Therapists and counselors need to be careful to not forget the importance of boundaries while trying to create a healthy co-parenting atmosphere.

Nothing Ends with Divorce, Certainly Not the Game of Life

Divorce is just a clue on this scavanger hunt called life.  If I could just ditch this Ego I'd have a better shot at seeing the clues.