A Tribute To DivorcedMoms Blogger, Mother & Wife Liz Smith Conley

We say goodbye to Liz Smith Conley. DivorcedMoms blogger known as Lizzy Smilez. Our hearts are heavy and our heads unable to comprehend. 

Alcoholism Hell. A Text "Converstaion" With My Drunk Abusive Ex Hubby

It's been 4 years of silence bettween my drunk ex and me. And then he texted me. The isanity of life with an alcoholic knows no bounds.

Open Letter To The Biggest Asshole on the Planet, My Ex Husband

The biggest asshole on the planet is my ex husband. Just a few days ago he threatened me (again). And to him, I say "BRING IT ON."

Game On! After An Epic Meltdown, I

I had a few days of panic attacks. They were epic. But Defeated Lizzy is gone and I've come back ready to fight. Here's how.

10 Fabulous Questions To Get Your Kids Chatting

Getting to know your children is a critically important part of parenting. Here are 10 great questiions to get those "chat juices" flowing. (Bet you'll learn a lot!)

An Email to the "Other Woman." Fu*k You. You Deserve the Asshole

The "other woman" just emailed my friend looking for sympathy. Turns out, the ex was an asshole to her, too. Surprise surprise (and cry me a river).

Chucking It All, Roadtripping & Accumulating Memories

A FAB way to bond with your kids and see cool places? A road trip! The ultimate story of chucking it all & living life BIG (for 3 months).

She May Not Live The Life I Pick For Her. And So What?

We all have expectations of our children. For me, it's college, marriage, kids, career and mortgate. And what if she picks something else? It's ok!

8 Super Nice Things to Do For Your Guy (Without Breaking the Bank)

Here are 8 ways to do something super nice for your guy without going broke. With Father's Day fast approaching, 

Find Joy & Happiness NOW. Life is Too Precious & Short to Wait

Earlier today, my friend Sheri passed away. It is a painful reminder that life is normal, until it's not. Live life with passion and joy. Do it now.


Who wants skin cancer? Heck no! Here's why you should get "some" sun (it's great for you!) & tips for doing it wisely. Adopt good sun habits.

The Adult Temper Tantrum: Could It Be A Serious Mental Disorder?

When your adult partner explodes into a temper tantrum, it could be signs of a serious mental condition. What should you do about it?

10 Fabulous Trips To Take With Your Children

It's summer and what better way to spend part of their break than on a trip together? The benefits are countless! Here are my top 10 vacation suggestions.

10 of the Dumbest Things You Can Do When Life Gets Tough

Here are 10 things you should NEVER do when life gets tough. Tempting, but don't give in! Instead, get busy rejuvenating your life and having fun again.