How Can You Act This Way After So Many Bad Things Have Happened To You?

My farewell post. Thank you to my devoted readers who have stuck with me through my 'divorce, dating (adventures), and journey of (self-)discovery.

11 Real Reasons Why I Disappeared And Why You Should Let Me Go

Ever wonder why the guy you've been emailing, texting, talking with, or recently begun dating suddenly disappears? Stop wondering. You already know.

Labyrinth Of Love

A guest post from a woman healing after the breakup of a long-term relationship. Find out how she found solace and began the process of moving on. 

The Slow Fade: 8 Ways Guys Break Up Without Actually Breaking Up

Have you ever dated a guy who was attentive one day and inattentive the next? And the next day after that? Maybe you were the victim of a "slow fade."

Are you back in the dating pool and sexually active? Getting regularly tested for STDs is critical and nothing to be ashamed of.

When The

What happens when the family pet dies after divorce? Saying goodbye becomes that much more complicated.

7 Reasons Why Men Should Date A Woman With Resting Bitch Face

Is that woman a bitch, or does she just look like one? Here are seven reasons you may want to find out before passing up a date with her.

10 Things To Do On A "Look-See" Trip

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A Leap Of Faith And Another Step In The Right Direction

This is my fourth summer as a single woman. Join me as I take steps toward creating the life I was always meant to lead post-divorce.

What Happened The Day A Wasp Invaded My Nest

We all have fears. Here's what happened when I was forced to confront one of mine. The question is, was I able to overcome it?

Love Triangle Or Bermuda Triangle? Depends On Who You Ask

Do you date in your own backyard? Or are you more of a long distance dater? As I have discovered, each have their advantages. And disadvantages.

Do You Believe In Things You Cannot Always Understand?

Have you had an experience you cannot readily explain? Do you believe in a higher power? Karma? The Law of Attraction? Here's what I believe.

And Baby Makes… How Many?

My children are going to be welcoming a new baby brother or sister this winter. Find out how we are getting ready for the new arrival.

For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll

It's one thing when you separate from your ex and get divorced. It's another when your ex moves on and marries someone else.