I Am Not That Mother: Sorry Kids, Better Luck Next Time

You know that mom that everyone wonders "How does she do it?" That's not me. Lets hope it's enough for them.

C-U-M Again? (Time to Break Out the Workbooks)

Spelling is hard for little kids. And mommy's mind goes to dark, dark places.

Waiting On The World To Change. Or For The Meds To Kick In.

This last week my Facebook friends saw me post what they initially thought was a humorous epitaph on my page. They quickly realized I wasn’t being funny.

Lets Talk About Sex. On Stage. Again.: Expressing Motherhood 2014

I had the honor of being chosen to perform in Expressing Motherhood again this past winter. Of course I talked about sex. Again.

Reflections on the Anniversary of My Almost Death

I almost died. Then I wrote about it. And performed about it on stage. Now I'm posting it here, on the anniversay of my almost dying.

Oh It

Kim Tracy Prince is trying to confuse us. I ain't got time for no Wordless Wednesday critical thinking skills, yo.

Two Pairs in Black and White: Wordless Wednesday

My boyfriend snapped this pic, in color, on his phone. For Valentine's Day I had it turned into a black and white canvas.

Smurf and Six-Year-Old Love: Wordless Wednesday

While I've been storytelling on stage this last weekend (and the upcoming!) my super attached younger son asked me to keep Smurf close to my heart..

This One Thing Guarantees A Happy, Successful Marriage

Love. Monogamy. Trust. Humor. Rapport. Those are for suckers right? Because it's all about the ring. Wrongly.

Swing, Batter Batter, Swing!: Wordless Wednesday

I love that this photo not only shows my son taking his swing seriously, but also myself and his brother cheering him on right behind home plate.

Solo Parenting Is Not Single Parenting. Seriously!

Just because you're temporarily parenting alone does not make you a single parent. Solo parenting vs. single parenting are very different.

5150 & Me: A Story of Post Divorce Attempts at Shame

Shaming attempts about my past won't work. I was depressed and talked of suicide and that's totally okay.

My Holiday Gift Guide: All I Want For Christmas Is...

'Tis the season for gift guides and holiday magic and wishes granted  (Jesus is involved somehow too, yes?). Here's what I want to make me happy.