I Saw the Light: How To Be Courageous After Divorce

Phoebe's daughter, Pearl, visits Cape Fear and they go to the new mermaid show on the Cape Fear River. But, as usual, Cape Fear lives up to its name.


Upon receiving a text from the friend who stole her husband, Phoebe wrestles with her higher self, which looks like a human-sized white rabbit.

Walk this Way: How to Hide the Body of Your Divorce Attorney

Phoebe hides the large and hairy body of her divorce lawyer, Chip, from his family while also protecting him from a pack of werewolves.


When Phoebe's divorce attorney visits the beach island where she lives, chaos ensues and Phoebe mistakenly, or not, turns him into a...(see blog).

So My Landlord is a  Cat Demon: Paying Rent Really IS Hell

Phoebe's sometimes petty, greedy and catty landlord has a hissy fit when an earthquake disrupts a meeting. Phoebe's store is ruined.

Marvelous, Murderous Night for a Moon Dance

By the light of the moon, Phoebe, Cooper and Lucy investigate the double murder of an adulterous married man and his mistress.

Timothy Leary

Do you ever wonder where you get your crazy? Or your wild side? Or your freakin' fairy heritage? I think I just found out.

Love Hurts: When Your Ex Is an Emotional Vampire

Is your ex an energy vampire or emotional vampire? Mine is. Honestly, I prefer the blood-sucking kind.

Dear Mr. Fantasy, Take Me Out of This Gloom

The fantasy men filling my life these days are not the stuff of GQ or centerfolds. Tonight, I have an important date with a large white rabbit.

Go Ask Alice: Falling Down after Divorce, Hitting Bottom

How the messy aftermath of divorce can make you lose it and why you might want to choose the high road even when he won't.

Let the Midnight Special Shine Her Light on Me

I am taking back my power! If I have a wand, I am going to use it. If no one else is going to investigate the murders in my town, I will!

Divorce In An Alien World: Is The Force With Me, Or Not?

In the midst of my own alienation crisis, I haven't had the time or bandwidth to think about other aliens, illegal or not.

Fairies on Dewdrops and Live Oaks on Acid; Julie Andrews I

Life doesn't always match our fantasy of it. Exhibit A: Teenagers, Exibit B: Divorce, Exhibit C: Sewing. Exhibits B and C? NOT my favorite things.

Children Come with Baggage: But Most Don’t Harbor Priceless Artifacts

"Baggage" begins early in life. We spend so many years packing those heavy bags only to wake up one day realizing we want to get rid of all of it.