Let Go of My Ego

Telling the ex about a new and serious relationship went better than I thought until my ego showed up.

Generous Gifts to Bring to My Separation Shower

I'm hosting a separation shower. It's like the bridal shower you threw for me when I neatly fit into soicitie's celebration of love. Except totally different.

Every Woman

Find this online dream profile and you are set for a fabulous life. He does exist, I don't know where but if you find him first, share his brother.

Are We In La-La Land?

If you’ve read some of my posts here, you know I live with my ex, and we manage nicely. The post only elicited three comments so far, but one said we were in la-la land. It didn’t offend me at all. In fact it made me sit, and ponder.


Don’t assume this type of separation is easy. It’s not.

The Proper Time to Introduce a Threesome

Yes, I tried online dating again. Why? Because I’m not a quitter. The scoreboard is now 0 for 6.

Kate’s 8 Online Dating Tips for Men

Using the word "taco" in your dating profile? Don't! Here are my eight online dating tips..from my own personal and painful experience.

Kate’s 8 Signs He was Seriously Into Ending the Marriage

Here's how I knew that our marriage was ending. Seriously.

An Open Invitation To Dinner

This article knocked my socks off. The Tates have remained living in the same house, to raise their one son, but are not married. They aren’t divorced either. I know. Just watch, with an open mind.

The Art Of Falling In Love - With Yourself

Being a boy crazed young girl, I learned to focus on my faults instead of my values. If I was rejected, (always was, since why would I end anything that would leave me alone), I took it as I was worthless. As in worth less than him.


For the very few people that know about our situation, we get a lot of Frequently Asked Questions. I think they are fair, since we are still navigating this road, and have the same concerns.

Conversations With My Ex And Best Friend

We still live together. And we for the last ten years, meet on the couch every morning and have coffee. This can’t change.

Kate Dates Again, For God Knows Why

After being catfished, most people would be done. I mean really, truly be done online dating. Not me. Kate, I say to myself, you are not a quitter. There are still a few good men out there. Find him.

Signs The Marriage Was Over

I’ve only told a handful of people that my marriage is over. Like I would, they ask, when did you know it was over? The truth is, your head always knows first, your heart last.