Last Day Of School! And The Worrying Begins

Today was the last day of school for Bubba and Denver.

What To Do When Your Child Does Not Want To Be With Your Ex

Disclaimer: I really don't know what to do when one of my boys doesn't want to go with his father. But maybe we can learn together.

Better Late than Never?? My Mother

I don't want to use the word hate, (but) Mother's Day has often been the worse day of the year for me.

Running. Where Oh Where Have You Gone My Old Friend?

I haven't run in months. I truly do miss it. Did I just say that? Who would have thought. Not me. Never.

The Dog: Man

My dog, my sweet, sweet girl. A menace to the neighborhood? How could anyone not love that sweet, barking, snarling, fence jumping face. Just ask the post office.

I Am Divorced. Now What Do I Do?

My divorce is finally final. I am finally free. Why do I still feel trapped? Will I ever truly be free? 

The Holidays. We survived. Thank God It

Holiday time is an emotional time, even when you are in the middle of a divorce. My goal was to survive the holidays. Well I am here.

Where The Heck Did My Post Go? Or Lets Talk About Sons of Anarchy

The mystery of the missing post. My post disapeared, so I ramble on about Sons of Anarchy. I could talk about it for hours.

How The Heck Did I End Up Here...Part 2

Part 2 of how and why my divorce happened.

Trick or Treat?

I hate Halloween. The movies, the candy the trick or treating...all of it. Just blah.

"9 to 5," A Catchy Tune, Dolly But Can That Ever Be A Reality?

My attempt at juggling work, kids, and my home. Oh and dealing with my ex as well.

How The Heck Did I End Up Here? And Where Do I Go Now?

The story of why I decided to divorce is a long one. I think it might need to be told in parts. So here is part 1.

Running! And not from a Zombie!

Last group run before the big race on Sunday. Who knew I would love running this much?

Is This It?

Is this it? I ask myself this question a lot these days. A lot.