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You only think you know them. You don't. And even if you did, can you say for sure that the divorce won't bring some good for both of them?

Things My Eight-Year-Old Son Has Eaten In The Last Five Hours

I'm going to need a bigger fridge. Or a smaller child. And definitely a bigger grocery budget. Possibly a warehouse membership and a share of livestock to slaughter.

Awwwww, Nuts!, or, I Am Not Prepared For Puberty. Again.

There's nothing like the onset of puberty to make you long for the days of building with blocks on the floor and sippy cups.

Five Things I Don

Being divorced during the holidays can be a mixed blessing and a blessing in disguise. Here's a few reasons why.

Holiday Gift Guide for His New Wife: One and Done

Yes, it's October. But when holiday gift inspiration strikes you must act. Especially for, um, hard to buy for "family."

Last Minute, Budget-Friendly Halloween Costumes for Divorced Moms

Use what you have around the house to make a quick costume that's sure to have you being the talk of the neighborhood!

50 Things I

I have done all these things in the last few years since my divorce. I can't recommend them all highly enough.

You Want Your Marriage Forever, Not A Diamond Forever

Much to his visible relief, my boyfriend was pleased to discover when we started dating that I had zero interest in getting married ever again.  Like, ever again.