Three Glass Bottles, or a Life on a Shelf

Three pieces of glass, sitting for years, Yes, I wanted to kiss you at dinner the other night. Tell me about your trip Did you buy her glass too? 

I Tried Online Therapy...My Experience So Far...

My favorite neighbor told me to stop asking "what's next?" I am an introvert, so the idea of pouring my heart out to a stranger is very scary.

Facing My Fear: Emergency Surgery & No Hand To Hold

A simple “pain in the neck” turned into mildly emergency surgery and like many single moms, I took my sweet time heading to the doctor.

Mastering the Art of Forgiveness- Creating Useable Anger

Forgiveness has been granted to those around me. To the ex-husband who cheated, and the second husband who hit me. You are forgiven.

Good Old Fashioned Accountability - 2017, Here I Come!

I have learned to think of the end of the year as an opportunity to not only celebrate, but to do a proper reset for success in the new year.

Good Bye 2016! I Tried, but We Are No Longer Friends

11 months & I still don't like 2016.I am writing a year-end review, hoping it will cleanse my mind and welcome in the newness & hopefulness to come.

Brad Pitt - Supervised Therapeutic Visitation or Case Closed?

Was it really only back in September that we found out that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were having problems? Seems awfully fast for a resolution.

Thanksgiving Preparation with my Scattered Family

New territories.Preparing for Thanksgiving with my scattered family. I haven't even considered what he wants this year. I stopped asking long ago.

A Night of Fashion for Lolly

Jaime Wright, the founder of Lolly's Locks spoke with me about her NY Fashion Fund-Raiser and her great passion-providing wigs to those with cancer.

#ImaNastyWoman, Wanna Make Something of it?

Whether or not you like her...whether or not you will be voting for her, you can probably remember a time when you were called nasty.

OK, So I am a Crazy Purple Loving Cat Lady ( W/o a Cat)!

Almost everything I own and everything I wear is black, shades of black and maybe gray when walking on the wild side.

The Modern ERA through the Eyes of a Fifty One Year Old

I am a female, who has hit that horribly depressive label of "middle age". My age has brought some recognition, and I am OK with my discoveries. 

My Boss’s Daughter, the Blue Pantsuit & Serious Double Standards

As a mother of a girl, I may have the opportunity to be a part of history with her as the first woman may become President of the United States.

Brad Pitt Cheated on Angelina Jolie? Wish I Could Say I

Seems like a bad day to pile on, but I could never warm up to AngelinaJolie. And, I'm having a hard time caring if Brad Pitt Cheated on Angelina.