The Truth About Dating Single Moms

I just heard another (expletive) YouTube'r talking about the dangers of dating single moms. I wanted to throw up. 

6 Signs Your Ex Is Playing the Victim

How do yo uknow if you ex is playing hte vicitm? What are some signs that you can look for before they really get inside your head. 

A Love To Die For, A Life To Throw Away

A love worth dying for is a romantic thought and for some, a relatable experience. But are you really living if you lose your way?

QUIT Blaming Women for Trying to Change Men

Stop me if you've heard this. Women should stop trying to change men and just accept them for who they are. I have a different view. 

No--The Truth Is NOT Always Somewhere In the Middle

There is nothing accurate, or helpful about casting blame on victims with the age-old "the trust is not always somewhere in the middle". 

4 Ways to Win Any Fight With Your Ex

How do you win in a fight that you did not want, did not start, and do not even wish to have? Let's discuss. 

Why We REALLY Get Married and What This Means For Women

There are few things more depressing than the thin line between what women want and what is attainable. Or am I just being doom and gloom? 

4 Reasons Divorced People Give the Best Marital Advice

Are divorcee's good at providing marital advice or is there an inherent danger in entrusting them in this space?

4 Betrayals That Are Worse Than Infidelity

Does something as egregious as infidelity have company on the list of horrific betrayals? Unfortunately, yes.

How Honest Should You Be with Your Kids About Their Dad’s Affair?

Honesty is the best policy right? Uh, it depends on ones definition of honesty and the situation at hand. Read on.

10 Common Traits of an Unconfident Wife

We all know that a lack of confidence can really hurt a marriage, but what are those things that we do when we lack it?

Does a happy wife mean a happy life? Perhaps. But I find so many things wrong with this phrase. Let's discuss.

Now That We Understand Each Other, I Want a Divorce

How is it that we can divorce someone after having such a deep understanding of them? Allow me to help you understand this very question.

5 Reasons Women Are More Likely to Ask for a Divorce

Why would a woman want to initiate a divorce. Oh, let me count the ways. And somewhere between reason three and four, you'll see a trend.