Happy Divorciversary.  It gets better.  I promise.

Every wedding anniversary has a traditional gift.  The first year it's paper, and so on. Today's my fourth divorciversary, and the gift is peace.


Beyond Broken:  Let

We need to consider the language we use to talk about divorce. Our kids are listening.  If we say a post-divorce family is broken, they'll believe it.

Hooked On HGTV: Why Buying a New Home Is a Lot Like Falling In Love

The older I get the more I realize that house hunting and searching for a mate are nearly identical processes. Neither is remotely rational.

Fault Lines: When Sexual Abuse Is Part Of Your Divorce Story.

When a child's disclosure of sexual abuse becomes part of a divorce narrative lines become blurred, roles become compromised.  They shouldn't.

Under Construction- Demolishing the Myth of the Blended Family

On learning how to navigate the good, hard work of bringing two broken families together, and building something new with the pieces.

The Do-Over: Making the Most of Divorce

When you are divorcing silver linings are awfully hard to believe in. The thing is, this might just be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Confessions Of A Recovering Control Freak

Reflecting on my marriage and divorce and seeing how my inability to ask for and accept help made things much harder for me than they needed to be.

The Luckiest Girl In The World: Musings On An Anniversary

Looking back on my wedding day with the perspective of time and with a new understanding of my good fortune.

Good Grief: The Art Of Mourning The Right Things

After the death of a marriage it can be hard to get perspective. Bringing things into focus in the rearview mirror.

Disappearing Act: The Physical Toll Divorce Can Take

We've all heard the joke, right?  "She's on the Divorce Diet." That one when you realize your friend is disappearing right before your eyes?

Leap Of Faith- Falling In Love Again After Divorce

All love stories contain an element of risk, but you CAN fall in love again after divorce, if you're willing to be a little brave.  

Memories:  How Do You Hold Onto Them After Your Marriage Ends?

What do you do with your cherished family memories once there is no longer anyone with whom to share them?

Just Breathe, Baby: You Will Come Out The Other Side. Promise.

Thinking back on those days of disbelief and sorrow from a new place of happiness.  For those of you who are still IN IT- hang on.  It gets better.

Growing Pains: What My Divorce Taught Me About Friendship

During divorce friendships are challenged. It is hard to go through that with your best friend.  It's IMPOSSIBLE to go through it without her.