If I could get through an apocalyptic divorce and come out on the other side more empowered than I ever thought possible -- well, so can you. 

I May Be Headed For Custody Battle III But I

Yesterday I received word that my ex-husband is planning to take me to court AGAIN, just one month after our last custody hearing.

Ten Things Two Custody Battles Taught Me About Life

Divorced for over a decade, and a veteran of two custody battles, I've learned a thing or ten about survival, and about life. 

Why Am I In A Custody Battle Over A 17-Year-Old? Because I

Why am I investing time, money, and psychic energy just to hear myself trashed in court? And then I remember: oh -- right! Because I'm divorced from a narcissist.

What Happened The Day I Got Hit By A Truck

I sat in the ER waiting room feeling like I'd gotten hit by a truck, because I actually HAD gotten hit by a truck, or at least my Prius had.

Divorce, Milestone Events, And Best Laid Plans

I never imagined that we would stand together at his sister's graduation, the gash that had divided us stitched together and all but forgotten.

6 Ways Family Law Makes A Bad Divorce Even Worse

Family law is a byzantine, broken system that serves up answers but rarely justice.


Prince and I have our court-ordered mediation this afternoon. I'd say Israel and Palestine have a better chance of sorting out their problems.

My Favorite Mother

Dear Mama, You are da best Mama I have. If I had another, you'd be a close runner up for second! HAHA, just kidding. 

Why You

Thanks to the Internet, I now have the likelihood that I will regain something I never should have lost: custody of my son.

What Happened The Easter That 71 People Reached Into Their Pockets

I've never felt so at home in the world as I did last weekend, when I shrugged off the urge to loofah, and asked people to help me raise $5000.

Help Luca Choose Where He Wants To Live GoFundMe Campaign

I need to raise $5000 for a legal retainer to go into court next week to get an emergency order to keep my ex from sending my son away. 

Pre Ex Parte Fun

Luca was informed that “this is a new world order” not up for negotiation, and a refusal to comply means he needs “help.” 

Our Cat Got In A Terrible Accident And We Had To Put Her Down. Not For The Reason You Think.

I couldn't bear the stark reality that I was essentially killing Franny's cat because I couldn't afford to keep her alive.