I was married to a control freak extraordinaire. It was something I thought I could handle. In the end, however, it was something that handled me.


I hate the word divorced. The cold, annoying syllables jolt me, like the crunch of ice meeting molars. Try saying it without cringing. I dare you.

I See Married People: Why Are They Everywhere And Why Are They so Happy?

I keep my eyes open for these happy couples because I need to believe that that could be me again, one of these days; Happy and in love.

5 Surefire Ways To Avoid Valentine

Here are 5 things you can do to make this Valentine’s Day the best holiday you never celebrated.

Back In The Saddle: It

It’s a big beautiful world out there, filled with men who are not your ex-husband and if you haven’t woken up and smelled the testosterone, it's time!

How Could 1 Man Go 10 Kinds Of Crazy?

I have selective amnesia when it comes to my ex, the feelings I had for him have retreated to that part of the brain where memories of pain go to hide.

THE F WORD: Does Being a Friend With Benefits Really Benefit Me?

Are the benefits to "friends with benefits?" There is only one way to find out and I'm thinking about taking the plunge!

Why Getting A Divorce Is Like Buying A Set Of Ginsu Knives

Getting a divorce is very similar to buying a set of Ginsu Knives; it cuts through all the bullshit and leaves you smelling like a rose.

The Hair: Why One Super-Long Hair Gave me Ten New Reasons to Hate my Husband

“You have a hair!” he shrieked. From his tone of voice, one might have thought he’d seen a zombie from ‘Night of the Living Dead’ heading for him.

This Season Of Yule: Near Misses and Broken Hearts

I almost ran in to my soon-to-be-ex today. Sounds like a bad country song, I know, but it’s the truth.

Here They Come: The Holidays, Resentment And a Bottle Of Pinot Noir

Here they come. The Holidays. They start innocently enough with Halloween, mere child’s play, and then like an unstoppable string of cars...

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold: Which Divorce Party Plan is Right For You?

Are you having a divorce party? After all, your girlfriends deserve some fun after the enormous amount of time they invested in you and your divorce.

Horrifying Housekeeping: He Didn

One of the reasons my husband fell out of love with me is that I couldn’t be a June Cleaver to his Ward. No Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval here!

We Shall Overcome Eventually...if we can wait that long

Closure takes more time than you think it will and unfortunately, you can’t just order it up like a burger at the window of the Divorcee Drive-thru.