Hallo........ It

I've been too happy or too sick or too busy to write but, I'm back!

Divorce Changes Everything:  A Dog

Maggie has had many changes since the divorce.  This is her story.

It Comes Every 2 Weeks: Rat Bastard Day

The day that the kids go to Stanley's is known around here as, Rat Bastard Day.

It was a Familymoon!

We took a week away with the kids for a Familymoon! Maybe one day we will take a Honeymoon!

Forget The Real Housewives, What About the Former Housewives?

Don't we deserve a show?  Sure we aren't rich but we are tougher by far...

I Wish You Were Dead!  Kinda Harsh, TBH.

I've always thought that it might be easier if he had died.  WRONG.

The Divorced Kid Shuffle: Pack up!  We

My kids have been going back and forth for 3 months now.  Aargh.


Sing Along!  50 Ways to Leave Josh Duggar

Poor Anna!  She needs our help!

My! How Quickly We Adjust to Being Single!

Now I am having to adjust to NOT being single. It's not as easy as you think!

Co-Parenting en Masse.  How Many People Get a Say?

There is Stanley, Al, Girlfriend, + Me.  It is a crowd in here!



Cause it sure wasn't me and Stanley. I do have to admit that this past weekend alone with my new husband hasn't been unfortunate.  


l hate it! I want to cry every time they leave. This bird's nest custody arrangement is for the birds!

I am Re-Learning How to be Married Again

After 4.5 years, sharing the remote is hard!

A Wedding Tale Featuring Me, Al and The Scary Daughter

Yep, she came to the event.  Yikes.