Why I

I know our country is divided and we need to come together, but as a single mother of young men, I can't stay silent

Fat Shaming & Victim Shaming: Another Way Men Try To Control Women

For those women facing depression and sadness because the barrage of fat shaming and victim shaming they face, hang in there and tune it out!

Why I think Trump is going to win the election despite himself

Watching this election reminds me of the days before I married an abuser and completely ruined my chance of getting what I really wanted

Why Domestic Abuse is Everyone

Don't look away when you hear of domestic abuse. Your actions play a role in solving this epidemic and is critical to ending it.

All This Trump Madness Is Triggering Victims Of Narcissists

No matter your politics or who wins the election, Donald Trump's candidacy has started a national conversation about narcissism

Why Are My Family Members Siding With Him?

It can be confusing and even traumatic when your family continues a tight relationship with your ex. But, it doesn't mean they love him more than you.

I am Mad as Hell that Abusers are Winning Custody

Thousands of children around the world are being forced into the hands of abusers by the actions of family courts and it's got to stop

When You Should Stop Contact with your Ex

Not all break-ups are created equally and not all relationships should last beyond the divorce courthouse steps.

When And Why You Should Seek Full Custody During Divorce

Domestic abusers make up a high percentage of fathers seeking custody and they are winning in courtrooms around the United States

Considering Divorcing an Abusive Jerk? Read This

You need to be prepared in a way you never realized if you are planning to divorce a controlling and abusive man

How To Co-parent with an Abusive Ex and Stay Sane

If you left your marriage because of domestic abuse surprisingly most states require that you now must coparent with him. Let the challenges begin.


One by one, we are coming out of the shadows and humanizing the victims of domestic abuse. Shame lives in silence.

"How to Co-Parent with An Abusive Ex and Keep Your Sanity"

Not all divorced parents should be co-parenting. Here, you can read excerpts from Julie Boyd Cole's ebook about what to do if you are forced to

Domestic Abuse Takes Center Stage Again, But With A Twist

CNN reporter, ESPN/HBP reporter banned from ringside of the biggest boxing event in a decade because they asked fighter about his domestic abuse past