Divorce Process
Divorce And Marital Assets: Are You Asking For The Right Assets?

I'm getting divorced. I have an IRA, my ex has a 401K, We own a house together as well as a lake house. Does it really matter what marital assets I get?

Take These 6 Essential Steps When Divorcing

Don't give into the overwhelm of divorce. Use these 6 essential steps when divorcing as your guide. These steps will keep you focused and moving forward.

10 Reasons Why People Divorce: You Might Be Surprised!

People divorce for all kinds of reasons, but some more than others. Here are the top 10 reasons why people divorce according to the experts.

International Divorce: Essential Legal Facts For Expat Women

Are you an expat currently going through an international divorce, or considering a divorce? Follow these tips and protect yourself in a foreign court.

Divorce Without An Attorney: Court Rules And PaperWork

If you plan to divorce without an attorney you need to know court procedures and how to file your petition for divorce in your jurisdiction. 

Divorce Without An Attorney? Can You Do These 7 Things?

If you're thinking about a pro se or divorce without an attorney, this article will help you decide if you are tenacious enough to handle the process. 

7 Documents Your Divorce Attorney Will Need From You

Before you file for divorce gather and organize the 7 following documents for your divorce attorney. 

4 Signs Your Divorce Attorney Is A Bad Attorney

You hired a divorce attorney, but now you're having second thoughts. We put together a list of four signs that you hired a bad attorney.

Divorce Hell: 5 Mistakes Angry Couples Make While Divorcing

If you're thinking about ending your marriage, make sure you avoid these mistakes that couples often make that only cause conflict during the divorce.

7 Do

Divorce is one of the biggest crises you will ever go through. Avoid mistakes and take positive steps that can save your sanity and help you move on.

My Divorce Lawyer And I Don

A productive attorney/client relationship is key to achieving your divorce goals. Here are the things you can do to optimize that relationship.

Dividing Assets During Divorce: 7 Things To Keep In Mind

To make sure you and your attorney are on the same page when dividing assets during divorce, keep these seven things in mind. 

5 Important Things To Avoid When Going Through a Divorce

Divorce is not an easy job always, following these five important tips can ease your pain while divorcing and also helps you in financial matters.

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