Divorce Process
10 Signs Your Marriage Needs Marital Therapy

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell if your marriage is “sick”. Here are ten signs you might need a “checkup” by seeing a marital therapist. 

6 Tips To Rebuild Love After An Emotional Affair

In order for a relationship to be an emotional affair, it usually involves a deep connection that is more than a friendship and has sexual chemistry.

Marital Advice: One Piece Of Advice Doesn

How come the latest article saving millions of marriages, can't help save my marriage? Because when it comes to marital advice, one size doesn't fit all. 

7 Reasons Divorce Could Be The Most Affordable Option For You

When things are truly not working out, getting a divorce can be the most affordable choice. Don’t believe that? Here are 7 reasons why it's true!


How many times have you wondered what life would be like if you could just run away and start all over again? I’ve tried it and here’s what happened.

The Best Advice for Getting Through That First Marital Fight

The key steps to help you get through your first marital fight as a newly married couple. Stay away from cheap shots and focus on problem-solving.

4 Reasons She Has Stopped Having Sex With You

Has she stopped having sex with you? If so, don't judge her until you're sure you aren't playing a role in her lack of desire for sex. 

6 Secrets To a Happy Marriage: Love May Not Be All You Need

Maybe a loveless marriage isn't the problem, maybe it's the choices you and your spouse are consciously making that keeps you from a happy marriage.

3 Not So Obvious Signs a Marriage Is in Trouble

Not all is as it seems in some marriages. Some “happy” couples can miss the not so obvious signs of problems in a marriage. 

Healing After An Affair: 4 Myths of Being Completely Transparent

Is complete transparency necessary for healing to occur after an affair? Here are 4 myths that dispute that belief and suggestions for better resolution. 

9 Marital Problems Only Women Face

No marriage is devoid of problems. Problems caused by both spouses. This article focuses on marital problems that only women face, though. 

8 Toxic Habits Married Couples Need To Avoid

Eight toxic habits married couples exhibit toward each other that can destroy a marriage. Are you guilty of one of these bad habits?

Sexless Marriage? 5 Secrets To Increasing Marital Intimacy

Sexless marriages can be healed by taking these five suggestions for building intimacy in your marriage. Need help, here it is!

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