Divorce Process
Making It Work: Could a Separation Save Your Marriage?

Marriage is all about being a team, but when your relationship seems to be on a crash course, can trial marital separating actually help to save it?

12 Ways To Prepare For A Successful Divorce Mediation

You know, a successful divorce mediation can save you time, money, and stress. But how do you prepare for it? Here are 12 ways to help you be successful.

Think Your Separation Agreement is Rock Solid? Think Again

I was a caged lioness ready to pounce. But over the years my ROAR tranformed into a wounded, weak cat's MEOW. Here's why.

Is Divorce Mediation the Right Choice For You?

Although divorce is seldom an easy decision, divorce Mediation helps both people navigate the separation process in a safe, collaborative way.

Mediation: The More Attractive Alternative During Divorce

The primary purpose of divorce mediation is to encourage the parties to work directly with each other in an effort to reach an agreeable resolution.

Mediation, Mediation and yet More Mediation

This is not the article I intended to write. This is the article that I needed to get out of my system. 


While the temptation at times may be to tell your soon to be ex to shove it, keeping calm during the breakup phase will benefit you in the long run.

Divorce Mediation: "Are You Out of Your Mind?"

Even though you may not agree with the other person’s statement or request, dismissing, insulting or ridiculing that person will lead to arguments...

3 Things I Wish I Could Tell Mediation Clients

As a divorce mediator I can only give people legal information and not advice. But if I could give advice, here are 3 things I would tell them.

Which is Right For You, Legal Separation Or Divorce?

Why do some couples choose legal separation rather than divorce? What are the differences between legal separation and divorce, the pros and cons of each?

Divorce Mediation: Is It Practical to Keep The Family Home After Divorce?

Being able to make the mortgage payment is not the only thing to consider when deciding what happens to the marital home.

4 Financial Reasons Legal Separation Might Be Better Than Divorce

Some couples choose to live separately before actually getting divorced. There are several financial reasons why a couple may choose a legal separate rather than divorce right away.

Divorce Mediation: The Past is Always Present

Divorce mediation focuses on the present and the future, on cooperatively developing a Marital Settlement Agreement that allows the parties...

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