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4 Years Post-Divorce: What I

True strength they say, is often found in time of sad pain and deep agony. I never believed this, until the end of my marriage, almost 4 years ago.

When Respect Is Replaced By Contempt Divorce Is Right Around The Corner

If love fades but respect survives, there’s hope. But when respect is replaced by contempt, love is just another four letter word.


His Side, Her Side: There Is No Reasoning With My Bipolar Ex

There are two sides to every divorce story, and sometimes three or four if your ex has bipolar disorder. It isn't easy but we make it through!


F4 Tornado: A Forecast of Marital Doom Rips Through My Heart

As the anniversary of Black Friday approaches, I can't help but remember the F4 tornado that ripped through my city and how it was a telling sign.

I Want To Scream! I Want Understanding And Recognition From Him

I want to scream. Monsters don't sleep under your bed, they scream inside your head. To let them out, sometimes you have to scream, too.

You Can

After my marriage ended, the first thing I wanted to do was pack a moving van and go back to Ohio. Would it have been the right thing to do? 

Da-Nile (Denial), Not Just A River In Egypt, And Is Duh-Stupid

Denial. Is it the most powerful component sustaining all relationships or just the bad ones? Is it self-protection or self-abuse? 

Big Miracles Happen To Us, Too: Divorcee And Kitten Rescued!

This is part II in the saga of a kitten stuck in a grain silo and how my life paralleled the fall, despair, and eventual rise of this kitten. 

A Stuck Kitten Reminds Me Of How Stuck I Feel In My Divorce

My divorce is swallowing me whole. When divorce causes you to feel like a kitten found stuck in a drain, it's time to rescue the kitten and yourself. 

Big Red Flag: Your Man Does Not Want Sex

Does your man refuse to have sex with you? The rejection hurts. You doubt yourself. You cry yourself to sleep. Maybe its time to cut your losses.

My Struggle With The Decision To Divorce: Why It Took So Long

To divorce is taking the ultimate step to know what is right for ourselves. it is the ultimate struggle to overcome denial and trust ourselves.

Peter Pan Syndrome: Does Your Husband Refuse To Grow Up?

Are you fed up with your man acting childish? Maybe he suffers from Peter Pan Syndrome and you're his Wendy. The frustration mounts. Will he ever grow up?

Promises, Promises: The Vows I Would Make Today

Thinking back on the vows I made when I got married in my twenties, and reflecting on the vows I would make today.  What have I learned?

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