Divorce Stories
What Do Gun Laws Have To Do With Divorce?

We need stricter gun laws! One reason close to our hearts is the statistical proof that gun laws impact death rates of women divorcing an abusive man. 

8 Toxic Habits Married Couples Need To Avoid

Eight toxic habits married couples exhibit toward each other that can destroy a marriage. Are you guilty of one of these bad habits?

4 Money Problems That will Destroy a Marriage

Married or considering marriage but worried about finances? You're not alone. See our list on four money problems that will destroy a marriage.

Unhappy Husband? 6 Ways To Protect Yourself From An Unwanted Divorce

Are you assuming your marriage is healthy? Could you have an unhappy husband and be headed for an unwanted divorce? These tips are for you!

If You Divorce You’ll Lose These 4 Benefits Of Marriage

Divorce may seem like the easy way out of a troubled marriage. If you do divorce there are benefits of marriage that you'll lose. Consider that first.

6 Things Every Couple Should Think About Before Divorcing

If you are thinking about divorce stop and think about these six things. You don't rush into a permanent change for problems that may have solutions. 

5 Reasons I Tried To Save My Marriage When Others Thought I Was Crazy

My marriage failed by not without me first doing everything I could to save my marriage. Although some thought I was crazy I had my reasons.

6 Must Take Steps if You Are Considering Divorce

If you are paralyzed with fear and unable to move ahead with your desire to divorce, these 6 steps will alleviate your fear over the idea of divorcing. 

Election 2016: Is The Right Man For The Job a Woman?

After centuries of women looking to men to rescue us, could it be time to put our faith in a woman? Is Hillary Clinton our new hero?

Brangelina Divorce: Everyone Has An Opinion But Are They Right?

Competing theories about Brad and Angelina fill the media including alleged abuse, affairs on his side and family battles over parenting and family ties. 

Donald Trump And His Linkage To Unattractiveness

Does any good come from the demented views of sexist pigs like Donald Trump? Does a bear shit in the woods? What does ugly get out of calling others ugly?

Vikki Ziegler Of Bravo TV

Have you "lost that lovin' feelin'"? Vikki Ziegler of Bravo TV's 'Untying the Knot" has just what you need to jumpstart your post-divorce love life.

A Dad’s Advice to Jim Bob Duggar: You Can’t Fix It If You Deny It Exists

Dads have some input for the Duggar parents. Here, Matt Sweetwood speaks father to patriarch with some solid wisdom. 

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