10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Remarry With Underage Children

Remarrying while your children are under 18 is detrimental to their healing, your parenting and your relationship with them.

Remarriage: 5 Tips To Promote Strong Bonds In Your Marriage

Happy remarried couples build a solid foundation for their remarriage and possess the tools to deal with the complications of remarried life.  

6 Things I

A few words to the women who play the best-supporting stepmoms in my children's lives. I'm blessed and so are my children!

Grief: The Number One Reason Your Stepchildren Hate You

Divorce can breed grief in children just as in adults. In fact, it can be more devastating. Find out how to recognize it and how to live through it.  

The 7 Best Things About Being a Stepmom

Yes, being a stepmom can be filled with grief and strife but don't forget the joy and blessings that come with the job title as well. 

 5 Mistakes I Made As a Stepmom And What I Learned From Them

What can a new stepmom learn from the mistakes of one who has been there? Here are mistakes I made as a stepmom and what I learned from those mistakes.

Why It

You aren't their new mom, you're his new wife and their stepmom. Marrying a man with children doesn't give you rights to mother his children. 

6 Things You Need To Know To Be a Good Stepmom

No two step-families are the same but there are a few things to remember to make your journey easier and help you become a good stepmom.

The Stepmom Life: Do These 2 Things For Yourself

Stepmoms, taking care of yourself can seem unimportant in daily life. Find out why you need to make it a priority. Now! 

5 Secrets For Maintaining A Close Bond With Your Stepchildren

It's essential to keep in mind that a close bond between a stepparent and a stepchild doesn’t develop overnight. It takes time, years really.

4 Things You Should Know Before Blending Families

Blending families requires preparation, dedication, and limitless patience. Are you ready for the challenges ahead? Do you have enough love and patience?


A Stepmom

Yes, my family tree technically ends with me but that doesn't mean I won't leave a legacy. Parenting children of your own is only one way to leave a legacy.

Can a Childless Woman Be a Good StepMom?

Is it possible for a woman who has no children to be a good stepmom? Does she have to have parenting experience to become a good parent?

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