An Open Letter To Men Who Abandon Their Children After Divorce

Men abandon their children after divorce for many reasons. What they are forgetting is that there are many reasons to stay in their children's lives. 

There Are Benefits To Children Who Have Divorced Parents

Many resources suggest parental divorce leads to behavioral issues in children, but not all become criminals because there are so many benefits to these children.

5 Ways To Protect Your Child

When parents’ divorce, children, at times get lost in the conflict. As a parent, your job to make sure your child feels safe and secure during divorce.  

5 Things I

When it comes to infidelity and divorce there are five things I'd tell my children to keep them from making the same mistakes I made. 

15 Signs Your Divorce Is Stressing Your Child To The MAX

Is your child one of the 25 percent with divorced parents who is stressed to the max about your divorce? Do you know the signs of stress due to divorce?

7 Way To Teach Your Children To Express Healthy Love And Affection

As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children how to express and receive healthy love and affection. Here are guidelines on how to do that. 

My Wires Were Crossed! How My Daughter Helped Me Get Them Untangled

We are all wired differently. Understanding how we are wired and how we can rewire when we're out of whack is all part of the journey to healing.

The Worst Part For Me: Telling The Kids About Our Divorce

Put on your big girl pants before talking to your kids about your divorce. Telling them about our divorce was the worst part for me. 

5 Things Kids Learn About Relationships During a High Conflict Divorce

Parents protect children against emotional fallouts. But when divorce becomes high conflict and life-disrupting some parents fail to protect their child. 

5 Things I Fear For My Kids After My Divorce

Getting divorced comes with some unknowns and some fears. It's the fears I have for my daughters as they get older that gets me the most.

Addiction: One of Three Reasons Divorce Is Good For Kids

Divorce is good for kids if addiction is present in the home. There are other reasons, also that divorce is in a child's best interest. 

How Learning to Speak My Child

Wouldn't it be great if you could cut out the parenting things that don't work and focus your energy on what does work? 

3 Undeniable Reasons Divorce Was a Good Thing For My Son

If you're getting a divorce and terrified of the affects it will have on your kids, don’t freak out yet. Divorce could be the best thing for them.

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