10 Reasons This Divorced Mom is Glad It

Sometimes, I miss my children when they are with their dad. While I support time with him, I miss them desperately.  This is not one of those times.

8 Reasons To Be Glad It

Moms aren't the best at putting ourselves first, but dad's weekend is the perfect opportunity to do something for yourself.

Resenting To Little Time With Your Children? Here Is Another Point Of View

After divorce and custody issues are resolved it can be easy to resent the little time you have with your children. It isn't about time, though!

Kids Spending The Summer With The Ex? 7 Survival Tips

It's hard not to get a little depressed when my ex-has the kids for during their summer vacation, but I have some tricks to keep myself distracted.

Custody & Visitation: 9 Signs Your Ex Is Drinking Again

Custody and visitation after divorce can become complicated. Especially if your alcoholic ex is drinking again. Here are nine signs to look for. 

5 Tips For Surviving Joint Custody With A Combative Ex

The sooner you let go of the dream of a positive co-parenting experience, the sooner you will learn how to function in reality.


How Should Parenting Time With An Alcoholic Parent Look?

Should an alcoholic parent be given parenting time? If so, how should that parenting time look and what steps can be taken to keep kids safe?

The Negative Impact Of Alcoholism On Your Family and Life

Alcoholism affects the alcoholics life, and his family's life. Even more so during divorce when child custody and visitation can be impacted by the drinking.

Divorce & Alcoholism: What Is a Court To Do?

Alcoholism, child custody and visitation. What will the court do if you have concerns about your child's safety when the non-custodial parent is a drinker?

5 Ways To Help Your Kids Transition During Visitation

Learn five practical ways you can support your children's well-being during the transition when visiting the non-custodial parent.

I Will No Longer Force My Children To Visit Their Dad!

I'm legally required to make the children visit their father, but it hasn't been easy. Here's a peek at how well this system is working for us so far.  

A Relationship Coach Seeks Advice: A Father

What is the answer to the question of how to deal when you feel your child slipping away? I am a relationship coach seeking for your advice.

What Do You Do When Your Ex Requests Less Parenting Time

It's hard when your ex requests less parenting time, but it's important to be proactive and make a plan to help you balance your time.

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