7 Things You Can Do For Single Moms On Mother

Do you know a single mom? One who doesn't have plans this Mother's Day? Here are 7 things you can do for that special single mom in your life. 

A Christmas Letter From a Non-Custodial Mom To Her Son

I'm a non-custodial mom. I haven't been able to spend the last 2 Christmas Holidays with my son after a high conflict divorce. This is my letter to him.

Sharing Christmas With My Step Daughter’s Mom

I never thought I would need to share a child with another mom on Christmas day, but here we are and somehow we have made it work. 

Handling Holiday Finances During & After Divorce

Holiday shopping binges can bring credit card and financial hangovers during January, especially when you're rebuilding your life after divorce. 

Single For The Holidays: 60 Reasons To Be Grateful

Being single can be a blessing. One might not believe but, it can especially be a blessing to be single during the holidays. 

Which Home For the Holidays? Co-Parenting Meets The Holidays

For families that have separated, or are separating, deciding on holiday custody arrangements can be difficult. Here are some thoughts to help.

6 Tips For Surviving Your First Holiday Season After Divorce

That first year of divorce is hard enough, and the holidays can be especially stressful. These six tips will help you get through it.

Summer Time: 6 Tips For Dealing With Changes Divorce Will Bring

Planning for your summer in advance can reduce a lot of tensions. Follow these tips to reduce stress and enjoy your summer with your children after divorce.

When Valentine

Hearing my husband's carefully crafted words on Valentine's Day, my mind went black. The coldness in his eyes un-nerved me. What led us to this point?

Alone On Valentine

The idea that you have to be part of a partnership to enjoy Valentine's Day is an illusion and I implore you, don’t buy into that illusion.

8 Ways To Fall In Love With Being Alone On Valentine

No one ever said you need a man in your life to be happy. It’s more important to have a good relationship with yourself first.

14 Movies You Should Binge-Watch On Valentine

Celebrating Valentine's Day alone this year? No worries, you don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy this holiday! Here are 14 movies you can binge-watch!

5 Questions To Answer Before Filing Your "Happy New Year" Divorce

As an attorney and mediator, the post holiday craze is a significant time of year for new divorce cases filed. Are you ready for a New Year Divorce? 

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