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5 Reasons I Should Have Changed My Last Name When We Divorced

Going through a divorce?  Have you thought about what to do about your name? Here are some good reasons to dump the name along with the guy.

10 Characteristics Of a True Post-Divorce BFF

One of many positive things that can happen during the stress and upheaval of divorce is the emergence of a true post-divorce BFF.

Can You Find The Positive in These 12 Post-Divorce Problems?

Yes, divorce is tough but you can choose to find the positive in any situation. You have the power to create the narrative you want to live post-divorce.


9 Reasons You Shouldn

You may be angry, hurt and frustrated. You may need to strike out but, that's no reason to burn your wedding photos. Here are 9 reasons why. 

Suffering An Identity Crisis? How To Find Yourself After Divorce

We help our children to build their own identities, but in the process, we unknowingly lose our own. Luckily, what is lost, can be found again.

Saying "Yes": How I Got My Life Back After a Marriage Filled With "NO"

In my marriage to a narcissist, I had a lifetime of ‘no’s, now my answer to any invitation is 'yes' and that's how I ended up in a Boogie Wonderland.

How Leaving My Husband Brought Me Back To Myself

He took me many places, some of them dark, lonely, and heartbreaking. And when I had had enough, he brought me back to myself.

16 Simple Ways To Love Yourself A Little More Each Day

We can't truly love another if we don't love ourselves. If you find that a complicated idea here are 16 ways to love yourself more each day. 

Divorcing Sober: How Recovery Helped Me Get Out Of A Bad Marriage

It was in black and white. I had to quit drinking if I was to have my children overnight. I had to make a decision, it was drinking or the kids.

8 Reasons To Forget About Finding Love And Focus On Yourself

Self-love is crucial to building relationships based on mutual respect, integrity, and honesty. So focus on yourself and not finding love after divorce.

Book Excerpt: Un-Settling How to Help Your Kids by Making & Modeling an Amazing Life After Divorce

With the tender, wry wisdom of Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions, Un-Settling teaches you how to create the post-divorce life you’ve been longing for.

3 Strategies For Creating Your New Life After Divorce

You have come through the divorce process in one piece. What's next for you? Here are 3 strategies for creating your new life after divorce.


7 Reasons Why It

Women may be particularly vulnerable to feeling stigmatized if they are not single. Here are 7 reasons it's a good idea for women to stay single.  

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