The New You
4 Things You Have To Know About Dating After Divorce

If you’re wondering how the dating scene has changed since you divorced and how you can navigate the waters easier these days, read on!

Your New Guy: Is It Love or Is It An Addiction

Love addiction is a chaotic drive to be "in love." It's a need that leads to one bad relationship after another due to a lack of understanding of true love.

2 Common Relationship Myths And Why They Are Destructive

Learn how two of the common myths about love and relationships are not only false but can hurt your chances of finding and keeping love. 

10 Questions Every Single Mom MUST Ask The New Man In Her Life

You've met a new man, things are getting serious. Before you go further stop and ask him these 10 questions. Make sure you aren't wasting your time!

It’s a Healthy Relationship But, Is It The Relationship For You?

Don't just jump head first into the first healthy relationship following a long history of abusive relationships. Here's what you need to know.

6 Ways Technology Can Sabotage a Relationship

Six sure-fire ways that technology, used badly, can sabotage just about any relationship. Is it time to put down your phone and focus on your partner?


Insightful tips to help you avoid biting that abusive bullet and trust yourself to be open to a better guy who may not be your "type."

5 Reasons Married Women Aren

Married women are less happy than single women, less happy than their husbands, less eager than men to marry, they're more likely to file for divorce.

10 Ways The Media Misrepresents Loving Relationships

Mainstream media and recent articles only exacerbate the confusion by promoting a definitive, fairy tale picture of love.

To The Man Who Loves Me Next

After dealing with the end of a marriage and then the weird and wonderful world of post-divorce dating, this is for the man who loves me next.

How I Let Him Go Even Though I Still Loved Him

Loving someone doesn't mean you have to stay in an unhealthy relationship. I let go of a man I still loved and, although hard, if I can do it, you can too. 

She Is In An Unhealthy Relationship: Here

Your friend is in an unhealthy relationship. You want to help, you want her to get out but, can you? Use these tips when supporting your friend.

10 Signs It

This article gives women ten warning signs that the new guy they are now dating may not necessarily have the qualities for a good relationship.

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