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One of most difficult challenges you will face during and after divorce is finding your financial footing. That is why we at have specifically partnered with WP Diamonds to provide you a way to securely sell your diamonds and jewelry, and put those unused assets to work. What did we look for when seeking the best partner with whom you should entrust your diamonds and jewelry? A company with integrity, compassion and the knowledge to bring you the fairest price in the easiest way possible.

WP Diamonds understands both the very real financial constraints of divorce, as well as the difficult emotional aspects involved in letting go of reminders of your past. The whole process of selling is secure and private, with representatives who are not only experts in valuing your jewelry, but also are specifically sensitive to what you are going through. They take the time to evaluate each piece, explaining in detail how the process works and making sure that you feel comfortable with the entire transaction.

The process is simple:

  • Complete the online valuation form by phone or email
  • Receive your initial valuation
  • Ship your items insured via FedEx at no charge or make an appointment
  • A representative will contact you with a full valuation
  • Get your offer. If you accept, payment can be received within 24 hours

Watch how the process works:

Start the process of selling your jewelry today!

Some of the great benefits of WPDiamonds:

  • WP Diamonds are fully BBB accredited Diamond Buyers
  • As a division of the largest recycled diamond buyer in the US and Europe, they can offer more money for your jewelry than a jewelry shop or pawnbroker
  • There are no fees and you receive all the money you are quoted
  • The process can take as little as 2 days from sending your item to the money arriving in your account
  • Ship your items at no charge, and if things don’t work out, your items are sent back free of charge as well

What customers have to say:

It was an absolute nightmare trying to sell my ring at local jewelry shops, knowing that my diamond was worth so much more. Then, I found WP Diamonds! Customer service was fantastic, price was right on, and stress level was nonexistent! I would highly recommend using WP Diamonds. You won't regret it!Amy Coons
I recently sold a large diamond wedding set to WP diamonds. The account representative I dealt with was the epitome of professionals, and was most helpful to me in making my decision to sell the diamonds to WP, as their offer was more than fair. When I accepted their offer, WP wired the money into my account the same day. I would highly recommend this company to anyone interested in selling their precious jewelry online.Raphelle Longrie
I would recommend WP Diamonds. I really didn’t know what to do with my rings, especially since I had lost that [center] stone. I had thought about pawn shops, but probably would never had tried due to having to face someone in person, and you know, it’s a pawn shop and just seems so sketchy. For me selling my diamonds was another step in moving on from my broken marriage.Jessica
After a painful divorce…I found WP Diamonds. The experience was nothing short of wonderful. The price for my diamonds was at least 55% more than I was quoted locally, and the customer service, confidence and communication was top notch.Misti Fragen

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